Error: kubectl not found

System Information:

  • MacOS: 10.15.7
  • VSCode: 1.60.0
  • Kubernetes Extension: v1.3.3

Recently I started having an issue where the extension cannot find kubectl on VSCode launch. I get an error saying

Kubectl command failed: kubectl not found

In my settings, I have tried setting both vscode-kubernetes.kubectl-path as well as vscode-kubernetes.kubectl-path.mac to a specific path and it is giving the same error. E.g.

"vscode-kubernetes.kubectl-path": "/usr/local/bin/kubectl"

And /usr/local/bin/kubectl is the same path I get when I run which kubectl

I am using settings sync but this particular setting is ignored so nothing should be stepping on top of it.

I have also not been able to find any specific logs for this extension loading but not sure if I am looking in the correct place or not.

In addition, I have installed kubectl to the local default directory used by the extension at ~/.vs-kubernetes/tools as well but that has not fixed the issue.

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