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在vue.config.js文件中修改配置,增加lintOnSave: false
const { defineConfig } = require('@vue/cli-service')
module.exports = defineConfig({
  transpileDependencies: true,
  lintOnSave: false

参考:Configuration Reference | Vue CLI

  • Type: boolean | 'warning' | 'default' | 'error'

  • Default: 'default'

    Whether to perform lint-on-save during development using eslint-loader. This value is respected only when @vue/cli-plugin-eslint is installed.

    When set to true or 'warning'eslint-loader will emit lint errors as warnings. By default, warnings are only logged to the terminal and does not fail the compilation, so this is a good default for development.

    To make lint errors show up in the browser overlay, you can use lintOnSave: 'default'. This will force eslint-loader to actually emit errors. this also means lint errors will now cause the compilation to fail.

    Setting it to 'error' will force eslint-loader to emit warnings as errors as well, which means warnings will also show up in the overlay.

    Alternatively, you can configure the overlay to display both warnings and errors:

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