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Synthack wrote:

Mon Dec 13, 2021 7:12 am

Ok I tried to install this, and I’m not impressed with this demo at all.

First off why do WE need to sign up and give our personal information just to try out your demo? I’m not sure what you do with that information and you say it’s just for “licencing and statistics” but for all we know it could be being sold to a data brokerage.

Why would i suspect this? Well for one when I start the demo plugin it wants to connect to Google and Bing which is just slightly suspicious.

When I demo a U-he product, or any other well known developers product they don’t ask for anything like this.

It’s a useful idea for a product idea but these are too many hoops to jump through.

Hey, sorry to hear that.
I think perhaps you’re applying ‘corporate logic’ to a small product made by 2 people..
You don’t need to give any personal information, you can put everything fake, except for the email, but that’s standard practice, and you can always use protonmail for that if you’re that worried.
In terms of the plugin connecting to Google/Bing – this is just for troubleshooting reasons, to be able to tell if when there’s a connection problem is the problem caused by the user’s internet connection or our server. We send no data to those sites. The reason we chose it is they have very low downtime so they are good for troubleshooting. We could change it to something like DuckDuckGo if this bothers people, once again though, we don’t send any data.

Also we have a Privacy Policy which explicitly mentions we don’t sell any user info

I hope this answers your complaints, thank you for giving our plugin a try

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