Edit a IFC file with a image

Welcome to Revit and the Revit API.


It sounds to me as if you are purely interested in manipulating an IFC file. That does not necessarily have much to do with Revit at all.


However, if you do wish to use Revit to address this task, this is probably still not the best place to ask such a question.


Please note that this discussion forum is dedicated to programming Revit using the Revit API.


If you are not doing anything programmatically yourself using the Revit API, I am afraid this is therefore not the best place to ask a question such as yours relating to product setup, optimisation, usage or other end user support issues here.


You should try one of the non-API Revit product support discussion forums instead for that:




The people there are much better equipped to address this topic than us programming nerds.


Even if you were doing it programmatically, please be aware that the Revit API hardly ever supports any functionality that is not also available in the user interface.


Therefore, if the UI does not support this, the API will probably not do so either.


So, it will always help to research the optimal manual approach to a solution first, before attacking the task programmatically.


I hope this clarifies.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Best regards,




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