Dulcitone Pro by Wrongtools – Kontakt Instrument Plugin VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX Rack Extension RTAS

Portable keyboard for Scottish Missionaries (1890-).

Dulcitone sounds like a celesta, but with a sweeter, quieter and rounder tone.

The sound comes from tuning forks, which vibrate when struck by felt-covered hammers. We utilized a variation of different hammers. On the main patch, you can swapp between the different hammers with the articulation switcher.

Included in the main patches are 3 in-build tracks with different mechanical noises so that you may adjust the quirkiness according to taste. We love to have these overly loud.

The library also includes other creative patches and alterations with plucks, rivers, resonations, scrubs and gliss sounds.

specs : size 3GB // 1500 samples.

{See video at top of page}

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