Dual Boot Manjaro and Pop! OS – #6 by Yochanan – Installation & Boot

I checked that file and it show li that.

When updated GRUB using the guide above it said it found Pop!OS but Manjaro GRUB does not show at start up…

The laptop is from 2006/2007.
It has onde hdd with 3 partitions.

sda1: Is where I install several distros (had Linux Mint before and it dual booted fine because installed it with no boatloader using ubiquity-b command.

sda2: Is where I keep Manjaro XFCE. I had to fresh install it because it was slow and consuming lot of RAM, but I really like this Distro and this community so I always keep Manjaro there.

sda3: 3GB swapfile.

I can do all from scratch if needed because both OS are fresh installs.

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