DRV3245E-Q1: If there any standard for checking BLDC current waveform by FOC – Motor drivers forum – Motor drivers

Hi Hongda,

The FOC looks okay but there is probably vibration or ripple occurring still in the motor from the look of the waveform. We are not FOC software experts so we can’t comment from the control side much, but here are a few considerations to improve the FOC waveform:

1) Can you use 3x PWM mode, or can you ensure that in 6x PWM the inputs are synchronous with minimal dead time at the MCU inputs? Any asynchronous rectification can mess up the integrity of the FOC output currents. 

2) Can you use smaller IDRIVE settings to see if gate switching improves and overshoot/undershoot does not occur at the phase voltages?

3) If using sensorless-FOC, can you ensure the correct phase and current feedback voltages are read through the MCU’s ADC? Is there calibration done or a way to ensure that the board removes offsets from the measurement? Is the motor inductance and resistance correct?


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