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{▸} ~ sudo docker
Usage: docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND

A self-sufficient runtime for containers

–config string Location of client config files (default “/root/snap/docker/796/.docker”)
-c, –context string Name of the context to use to connect to the daemon (overrides DOCKER_HOST env var and default context set with “docker context use”)
-D, –debug Enable debug mode
-H, –host list Daemon socket(s) to connect to
-l, –log-level string Set the logging level (“debug”|”info”|”warn”|”error”|”fatal”) (default “info”)
–tls Use TLS; implied by –tlsverify
–tlscacert string Trust certs signed only by this CA (default “/root/snap/docker/796/.docker/ca.pem”)
–tlscert string Path to TLS certificate file (default “/root/snap/docker/796/.docker/cert.pem”)
–tlskey string Path to TLS key file (default “/root/snap/docker/796/.docker/key.pem”)
–tlsverify Use TLS and verify the remote
-v, –version Print version information and quit

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