digiKam Will Not Open – #6 by BuckSkin – Software

I was using digiKam, version 7.3, when I went to perform a simple operation = the program froze and quit responding.

I waited a bit and finally used Task Manager to shut it down.

Waited a bit and clicked the TaskBar icon to reopen digiKam = little blue circle for a second and then nothing.

Tried to run as Administrator and same results.

Restarted machine several times and digiKam still refuses to open — however, although it does not show in Task Manager, when I attempt to uninstall it, I get a warning saying it is running.

Restart machine a couple times and then I can uninstall and then install.

I have tried fresh download of 7.6 = still refuses to open.

Uninstalled that and tried 6.4 = still will not open

Then, I completely manually picked out every vestige of digiKam from every nook and cranny, including the registry, – restarted the machine a few times – installed 7.6 again — and it still will not open.

When I attempt to open the program, it acts for about half a second like it may try and open and then no activity whatsoever.

I am at a loss.

How do I fix this ?

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