debian – How to get default xfce4 color themes

I have switched from Debian with systemd to Devuan without systemd and my quality of life has much improved. Both operating systems have xfce4 as desktop environment. But I have noticed that all the color themes in Settings -> Appearance -> Style (I believe this is known as GTK+ themes?) are missing. The themes that came with standard Debian Bullseye were called:
Adawaita, Adawaita-dark, High Contrast, Raleigh, Xfce, Xfce-4.0, Xfce-4.2, Xfce-4.4, Xfce-4.6, Xfce-b5, Xfce-basic, Xfce-cadmium, Xfce-curve, Xfce-dawn, Xfce-dusk, Xfce-flat, Xfce-kde2, Xfce-kolors, Xfce-light, Xfce-orange, Xfce-redmondxp, Xfce-saltlake, Xfce-smooth, Xfce-stellar, Xfce-winter. There is only one theme in the Devuan xfce4-install, and I prefer to change it to one of those that came with standard Debian. Therefore I have some questions:

  • Were the themes that came with Debian Bullseye contained in some package? If so, what’s it called? My goal is to apt install it if possible.
  • If it is not possible: I noticed in the past that there were subdirectories in /usr/share/themes with names that match the labels in Settings -> Appearance -> Style on Debian Bullseye. Are these connected to the themes in Settings -> Appearance -> Style?
  • If I install Debian again, can I somehow move them over to Devuan by copying?
  • If so, how would I do it?

PS: I know there are entire websites dedicated to color themes for xfce4, that’s not the question.

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