WaveRT with Studio One | VI-CONTROL

I have been using ASIO audio drivers for as long as they have been available. I was looking at a Presonus article for optimizing Win10 and they mentioned that WaveRT was the best option for audio. Does anyone have experience with WaveRT? I am using a Quantum 2626 TB3 interface. This is the Presonus article. “Windows essentially utilizes three driver modes: WDM, ASIO, and WaveRT. WDM is the oldest of the three, provides the widest range of compatibility (especially with consumer-level, built-in audio cards), and operates with the slowest response. ASIO is a third-party standard developed by Steinberg and is more than adequate for a DAW user. WaveRT is a new driver mode developed specifically for Windows that provides a kernel-level data transfer, allowing for the most stability and least latency (delay) of the three. Some interfaces may not have WaveRT support, so in this case, ASIO is a necessity. This is fine, as ASIO has been the preferred standard for years for DAW use and is still very widely used. However, if WaveRT is available, it is the preferred driver mode due to its speed and OS integration.”


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