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Thanks for the reply, I went though the links you kindly posted:

New device: Micro-pitch
New modulator: Pitch-12
New Grid modules: Pluck, Slope ↗, Slope ↘, Follower, Transpose, Pitch → Ø
Interactive Help view for all Bitwig devices
Quick Draw, Quick Slice and Slice in Place
Note Chase
Cue Level and Cue Mix controls
Sampler imports standard wavetable WAVs
Improved tempo detection for audio files
New controller scripts and Bitwig controller scripts are now open source

New arp features
Multi voice on selectors
Grid : XP (Filter) – a modulatable filter with key tracking and 15 modes, including combos
Grid : Array (Data) – a recordable sequencer, for keeping track of up to 1024 events, notes, velocities, or anything else
Grid : N-Latch (Logic) – tracks the last trigger received from up to eight inputs, for an exclusive solo-type relationship
Grid : Saturator (Shaper) – a loud/quiet threshold shaper in the log domain
Grid : Logic Delay (Logic) – delays high-logic or low-logic transitions
Grid : updated Steps (Data) – new Interpolation option, for crossfading between step values; also a great way to create a lookup table
Grid : updated AD (Envelope) – new Looping option, to repeat the envelope if the gate signal (often the key) is still held down when the envelope completes:

Polymer Hybrid synth
Grid: Wavetable module
Vibrato modulator
Contact Scaling
Fade before start of clip
Modulators scaling and shapes

Audio Comping
Operators: Chance, Repeats, Occurrence and Recurrence.
Expressions Threads
M1 Native

Note FX: Richochet, dribble and bend
Sampler release chain

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