Regex with fixed element and list of floats

I need to create a regex which will match and group below examples:

(fdsa) 12.3,322.3, 213, 332.5
(asdf ASDF) 2.7, 3

From each of the examples I would like to get groups several groups:
1st group would be the word/words inside bracket
2nd/3rd/n-th group would be the following float/ints. Depending on the example, there might be different quantity of such groups but 1 should be minimum.
So in the end from the first example I would like to get below grouped elements:

  • fdsa
  • 12.3
  • 322.3
  • 213
  • 332.5

I’m having troubles with the second part, which is getting multiple groups of float/ints. My regex so far:
((.+))[ ,]*([0-9]+?[.]?[0-9]*)

However this one matches only the words inside brackets and first float/int (omits the rest of the float/ints).

Thanks for all the help!

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