Regex match text after last ‘-‘

I am really stuck with the following regex problem:

I want to remove the last piece of a string, but only if the ‘-‘ is more then once occurring in the string.


BOL-83846-M/L -> Should match -M/L and remove it

B0L-026O1 -> Should not match

D&F-176954 -> Should not match

BOL-04134-58/60 -> Should match -58/60 and remove it

BOL-5068-4 – 6 jaar -> Should match -4 – 6 jaar and remove it (maybe in multiple search/replace steps)

It would be no problem if the regex needs two (or more) steps to remove it.
Now I have


But in sublime it matches B0L-026O1 and D&F-176954

Need your help please

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