REGEX for string substitution to replace semicolon with space + semicolon

You didn’t specify which language you are using for your regex so I took the liberty of writing a small script in Perl to do this:

$text = "Name;Age;Location;Gender Ram;39;India;Male Jeni;23;China;Female";

print "$textn";

$semicolon = 0;
for $i (0..length($text)-1)
    $char = substr($text, $i, 1);
    if($char =~ ";")
    if($semicolon == 2)
        substr($text, $i, 0) = ' ';
        $semicolon = -2;

print $text

The important bits are the for loop that iterates the string $text and the substr() function which inserts whitespace whenever a second semicolon is detected. The only string matching that is actually done is the $char =~ ";" line which checks for the semicolon.

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