reactjs – How to set mailto into a property of child react.js component

I am returning data from API in React.js, one property is ’email’ of object ‘user’. I would like to be able to click on the email address so a new email window addressed to that user pops up. I want the email address to appear in the ‘to’ input field.

I want this:

I have been searching but I found this solution, this solution and this solution difficult to understand as they are written the old way or they are for react native only.

Someone suggested event this …but how to apply it inside my component?'')

This is the child component:

const UserDetail = ({name, username, email, address, address2, city, phone, website, company, onClick}) => {
  return (
        <Data>Adress 2:{address2}</Data>
        <Data>Phone number:{phone}</Data>      
        <Button onClick={onClick}>close</Button>      

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