python3 – ffmpeg in a dynamic way using python

Can ffmpeg written in a dynamic way using python? if we take a example of merging of multiple audios with definte overlapping time.I have different no of audios files coming as a input.So i want to use ffmpeg command using python to take any number of audios available as input and to do merging having defnite number of overlapping time with one another. This is the ffmpeg command i have used
ffmpeg -i sound1.mp3 -i sound2.mp3 -filter_complex “[1]adelay=Ns|Ns[b]; [0][b]amix=2” audiomerged.mp3

|<—- 1st mp3 file ——————–> |
| <———–2nd mp3 file ————->|

|<———————–(overlap 10 sec )———————>|
Any help will be appreciated

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