OpenAI ChatGPT integrations with wordpress, facebook, instagram, youtube, discord

What is this internship about? We see numerous possibilities for openAI integrations on few our pages, mostly 
which is running wordpress, these possible integrations include 1) smart AI chat on WP site that would operate like this: 2) automatic content generation inside WP that would create blog posts similar to above example (question becomes title and answer becomes content) 3) a better wordpress search using openAI or simply embeddable links in AI responses that would point to our wp tags ( has almost 20K posts with 30 new per day, and almost 10K tags with JSON outputs and links directly to all posts like this one:, we can use any commercial plugin for link embedding (link juicer is most known) 4) content creation for youtube/IG/FB (just search on web how to create automatic posts using ChatGPT for youtube|instagram|facebook). First an intern should study then discuss with mentor, then intern should review available alternatives: and together with menthor clasify those in a comparative review table (we can also publish this scientifically if there is academic interest), then intern should do any of the ideas listed at the top of this post. Basic web programming skills are required.

Please read this before applying: