node.js – How to insert key value pairs into AWS Elasticache (Redis) using aws-sdk NodeJS

I am trying to insert key value pairs into Elasticache Redis using an npm package @aws-sdk/client-elasticache.

The purpose of this implementation is to store a token with an ID.

This is supposed to be a lambda function so I added a layer to use this SDK and the code implementation is this:

const { ElastiCacheClient } = require("@aws-sdk/client-elasticache");

const redisOptions = {
  host: "host address",
  port: PORT,

exports.handler = async (event) => {
  const client = new ElastiCacheClient(redisOptions);

  const params = { "tokenKey": "SomeTokenValue" };

  try {
    const data = await client.middlewareStack.add(params);
    console.log("DATA: ", data); // this is undefined now
  } catch (err) {
    throw err;

When I console.log the client instance, I see this:

ElastiCacheClient {
  middlewareStack: {
    add: [Function: add],
    addRelativeTo: [Function: addRelativeTo],
    clone: [Function: clone],
    use: [Function: use],
    remove: [Function: remove],
    removeByTag: [Function: removeByTag],
    concat: [Function: concat],
    applyToStack: [Function: cloneTo],
    resolve: [Function: resolve]

I am not able to insert KVP into redis, what am I doing wrong here?

client.send(params) throws error saying send is not a function.

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