LEAP 15.3 Cloning OpenSUSE – only dd has no issues.

I build a lot of similar laptops with nvme m.2 disks. OpenSUSE 15.3 with MATE desktop – many apps and VirtualBox

If I use tar to clone a drive and make all the UUID’s correct and chroot the new drive and install grub – everything appears to be there like the original ,
I sum -r all the files and compare to the original – all the same – even the links, but some applications have weird startup delays like leafpad, virtualbox, and vlc take an extra 30 or so seconds before appearing.
The virtualbox machines run fine. It is the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager that takes forever to appear.

The same thing happens when I use fsarchiver to clone a system. (it does all the stuff I did with a tar backup/restore but hands free) and it also exhibits the same slowness on those same apps.

Ditto with clonezilla. Something happens when the files are not in the same sector of the cloned image.

Any Idea what is causing this to happen. I hate to dd a 1 tb drive to another to copy 300gb of data and apps.

Throw you ideas (and hopefully fixes at me).

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