javascript – Connecting AWS MQTT via websocket

I am trying to connect a sensor to an AWS MQTT Broker to a database that will send it to a webserver so that it can be easily accessible. Right now the only way people in our lab can have access to our sensor data is through contacting me directly and having me connect to the Node Red dashboard. Would there be any way for everyone to have access to the data via WebSocket, or at least a couple of people?

I’ve searched for hours on end and have had no success regarding the ease of accessibility.

From what I’ve researched there is this a java based client called MQTT.Cool that can connect multiple brokers and have data published via WebSocket using JavaScript. However there is literally no data available except the ones provided by the company. So combining it it with my project has not been an easy task.

Also, I’ve thought about allowing my node red dashboard to be accessed out of my local
ip-address, but due to security reasons it has been recommended not to be done.

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