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If I remember correctly, the TBB yellow line shows the maximum latency out of 100 pings.

You could get intermittently high latency if you are filling the link with traffic, because the pings have to sit behind other packets in a queue. Whilst filling 500Mbps download 24×7 may be unlikely, filling the outbound 70Mbps is possible, for example if you are backing up terabytes of data to a cloud service. Can you get graphs of interface counter stats from your Draytek which show how much traffic you are actually sending in and out?

You really want to be looking at latency when the line is as idle as possible. You could try turning off the wifi and unplugging all your LAN clients for an hour or two, and seeing if the line goes flat.

Remember that these are pings *from* TBB *to* your router’s WAN interface. Many routers deprioritise responding to pings, and some will intentionally drop pings when more than a few per second arrive. However (a) if the router isn’t busy there’s no particular reason for it to wait 200ms, (b) there’s no apparent packet loss.

Other ideas:

You can try sending 100 pings outbound to some well-known endpoint, e.g., and checking the maximum latency on the response. Do this several times.

Have you tried the BT-supplied router? This would rule out an issue with the Draytek responding to pings.

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