IoT / Edge Software Engineer Intern/Student (Python, Java, MQTT, docker)

We are looking for an IoT Software Engineer experienced with Python, Java, docker and MQTT for the agile development of innovative IoT products, containerised edge / cloud applications and middleware to control electronic components.

Livello is building the future of autonomous retail and smart inventory management. We are developing a revolutionary IoT Platform and telemetric Smart-Kiosks with shelving and monitoring technology, leveraging newest concepts and engineering principles like automation, autoscaling, resilience, real time monitoring, sensor fusion, computer vision, machine learning and deep analytics. Our stack consists of modern Javascript, Typescript, Node.Js, React & Redux, Docker, containers, client libraries, GraphQL, all built on a microservice-based kubernetes architecture, supported by the Google Cloud Platform. We strongly believe in the power of CI/CD and integrate and deploy our applications with modern tools from Gitlab.

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