How will Comsol use the expression “0 10^range(2, 0.1, 7.5)”?

The syntax of the range function is explained in section “Entering Ranges and Vector-Valued Expressions” of the Comsol Reference Manual. It can only be used for input fields that expect multiple values, such as the output times of the time-dependent solver in the example from the question.

In this case, it creates an array with values 0, 102, 102.1,
… 107.4, 107.5, the default unit being seconds. You can see the effect of the expression by running the study and noting that the resulting data set contains solutions for times 0 s, 100 s, 125.89 s, … 2.5119e7 s, 3.162e7 s, where those numbers correspond to the given powers of 10.

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