How to convert ffmpeg adelay filter to ffmpeg-python

I am trying to learn to convert ffmpeg command line adelay filter to ffmpeg-python format.
This is the ffmpeg command line argument

ffmpeg -i first.mka -i second.mka -i third.mka -i fourth.mka

How to define this filter in ffmpeg-python?

This is what I have tried. I am very new to ffmpeg.

    lk = [60,120] # delay time in seconds
    audios = []
    for k, i in enumerate(audio_file):
            audio = ffmpeg.input(i['src'], select_streams="a")
            if audio['streams'] and i['muted'] == False:
                a = (audio.filter('adelay', f"{i[lk] * 1000}| 
   {i[lk] * 1000}"))
    mix_audios = ffmpeg.filter_(audios, 'amix') if len(audios) > 1 
    else audios[0]

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