Finite element modelling of a plan polymeric composite product under impact and thermal conditions

Polymeric composites products are undeniable trends today, especially in the most innovative fields and with a permanent degree of novelty. The specialized literature presents a very wide range of their applications in the avant-garde fields such as the aerospace field and that of the automotive industry. Paper presents the results of research on modelling and impact simulation of these types of products besides a transient temperature analyse using the finite element method. Starting from the experimental part through which a flat composite product is made, the authors research its behaviour on impact and at the same time try to make a mathematical model by the finite element method. This comes to complete the experimental research by providing information on the mechanical stress that occur during experimental testing. The properties of the materials both those used in the realization of the experimental product and in the simulation are those offered by the manufacturers. The input data used in the finite element simulation tries to provide an image as close as possible to the probable behaviour of the product in case of car crash. Considering obtained results, large-scale industrial application is envisaged for automotive polymeric composite parts leading to the increase of the safety of the traffic participants in optimal vehicle manufacturing conditions.

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