Essential Stream Overlays for OBS, StreamElements, & Streamlabs

To manually add stream overlays for OBS, locate the Sources dock, then click the “+” button to create a new source. Choose Image Source for static graphics; choose Media Source for animated. Name it, then locate the overlay file on your PC. Make any settings changes, then click OK. Resize and reposition to your liking.

There’s an easier way to import overlays to OBS Studio. Once you’ve downloaded your files, locate the zip installer, called Drag Visuals_by_Impulse folder to C Drive. Right click and Extract Files to the C: folder on your hard drive. Now return to OBS Studio, click Scene Collection from the top menu, then select Import. In the next window, click Add, go to your C Drive and open the new Visuals_by_Impulse folder. Find the JSON file inside — once opened, your graphics should automatically import to OBS. (Note: This feature is only available on the latest VBI stream packages.)

To set up OBS alerts, we recommend first importing your files to either Streamlabs or StreamElements. This allows you to customize animations and fine-tune your alert settings. Jump to the sections above to see how! Once you’re done, return to OBS Studio. Add a new Browser Source containing your unique alerts URL.

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