elasticsearch – Dashboard in Kibana

I need to create a dashboard in Kibana, using two different messages to process the output of it.

I have one message: “The process started here”.
And some parameters that may change depending on whats is processing.
So I can have city: 1, state: 20, country: 50.
In other cases I may have city: 5, state: 23, country: 50.

And at the end of the process, I have other message: “The process finished here”.
And I have the same info about city, state and country.

I can easily count, and discover how many inputs I had and how many have finished.
But what I need to do is to discover the ones that are processing, because its long path to finish the whole process.
I also have to know for how long is processing, but in this case, I created and script field, to do the magic.

This message, city, state and country are filds on my index.
The version I’m using here is v7.9.1.

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