Deepfakes Faceswap Installation Setup Tutorial Manjaro Linux

Installing Deepfakes Faceswap on Manjaro Linux

First Install the Nvidia Drivers in:
Manjaro Settings → Hardware Configuration → Auto Install Proprietary Drivers

Ensure git is installed.

Then Install Faceswap:

1) Install Miniconda3 from:


2) Create a new Virtual Enviroment
conda create -n faceswap python=3.6

3) Change your current Enviroment to the new Enviroment
conda activate faceswap

4) Download Faceswap
git clone

5) Change to the newly downloaded Faceswap directory
cd faceswap

6) Setup Faceswap

Start script:

source ~/miniconda3/etc/profile.d/
conda activate faceswap
cd ~/faceswap
python gui

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