can’t connect to localhost after setup cookies-parser node.js express

I tried to make registration system in my application using cookie-parser, express and jwt tokens, after i done with my code, start application and tried to connets at localhost, it dosn’t donwload anything, this is error that i got

enter image description here

also this is my cookie-parser version from package.json “cookie-parser”: “^1.4.5”,

this is how i use cookies-parser in when user login

const accessToken = createToken(user)

this is jwt

const createToken = (user) =>{
    const accessToken = sign({login: user.login, isAdmin:user.idAdmin,},"jwt-secret")
    return accessToken

const validateToken = (req,res,next) =>{
    const accessToken = req.cookies["token"]

        try {
            const validtoken = verify(accessToken,"jwt-secret")
                req.authenticated = true
                return next()
        } catch(err){

also that is what i see in browser console

rbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.

Read more here: Source link