blob – Turn array of objects containing audio files into a single downloadable file (Javascript)

I’m trying to make a soundboard webapp where you can add audio files to the website and they will be stored inside of the indexed db to be then fetched and played.

I was thinking of also adding a feature that would let you download the whole pack of audio files as a single file so that other people would be able to import your pack.
The data would look something like this:

const data = [
    title: 'audio1',
    description: 'blabla'
    audio: AudioBuffer //or some other buffer
    title: 'audio2',
    description: 'blablabla'
    audio: AudioBuffer

The question is, how would i go at downloading this as a single file? There is probably a way with blobs etc but i have no idea where to look for.
Obviously i would also have to decode this back to be used

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