[Products] Biological authentication system for use in augemented reality applications

We are building an arduino based lie detector (glavanic skin response plotter) with the ability to blend (superimpose) or overlay (picture-in-picture) data with any webcam in Windows/Mac/Linux computers. Use cases are within legal, criminal, forensic, and psychological research including remote interrogations, public hearings, testimonials, and live psychological research proofing (similar to jove.com). Additionally such a system can be used as a deepfake prevention measure and as a human authentication database for video streams (potentially as a plugin for twitch, youtube live, instagram live, vimeo). Project is in early alpha stage and we are open to any partnership proposal from hardware or software providers. A simple demo created with OBS and arduino IDE can be seen in video bellow. A curious C++ or C developer with an interest in building their own arduino plotter in a webcam driver wrapper is in search (we will help with video blending/superposition and virtual webcam driver wrapping).