Cyclic Response of Buckling-Restrained Stainless Steel Energy Dissipating Bars. II: Finite Element Investigations | Journal of Engineering Mechanics


The first phase of experiments presented in Part I of this study is used to calibrate the 3D finite element (FE) modelling procedure of the tested fuse-type filler-injected buckling-restrained stainless steel energy dissipaters (EDs). The models are generated using a combined continuum-macro FE approach. A discussion is provided on the selection and calibration of material models. Sensitivity analyses are performed to investigate the effects of mesh sizes, imperfection shape and size, contact stiffness and friction coefficient on the cyclic response. After validating the FE analysis results against those obtained from the experiments, a parametric study is conducted with the objective of quantifying the required stiffness of the restraining system to avoid global-level buckling. At the end, an idealized elastic-perfectly plastic model with equivalent energy dissipation property is proposed for use in macro models.

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