coordinate data stabilization | Vuforia Developer Portal

Setting: Unity 2019.4 & Vuforia 9.8.11

xyz position coordinate of my AR Camera and object target keep changing in real time.

Although I put DEVICE as the world center mode, which means the AR camera should be located at (0,0,0), the coordinate of AR camera keeps updating like with number of around (0.02, 0.01,0.06). Same goes for target. 

Tried with PC unity webcam, android phone , HoloLens but same thing happened.

Tried scanning the object with object scanner multiple times to see any difference, but again same issues were there.

1. I want to know what is the reason of this happening. Why is the coordinate not fixed as (0,0,0)?

2. Is there any way to unite the xyz coordinate data of multiple devices with a reference of (0,0,0) object target?


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