Connecting Allen Bradely PLC with Node-Red

I am new to PLC & NodeRed world. I understand basics of communication with PLC.

I am studying Internet to connect & Acquire Data from AB Micrologix 1200 PLC.

Micrologix 1200 Uses DF1 Protocol Over RS232(Serial Port).

There are Lot of Softwares/Tools available such as KepwareEx Server, Nodered etc, I prefered Nodred.

I wired the micrologix1200 and Installed serial Port in Nodered. The serial Port Node in NodRed shows connected. But I dont know How to go ahead with it and Read Tags from the PLC.

I also Came across OPC-UA server. My questions are:

  1. Is my above understanding correct? Am I on right Track?
  2. How should I go ahead after The serial Node in NodeRed is showing Connected(green)
  3. How should I register the Tags?
  4. Is there any OPC server to be installed as software between PLC and Nodered?

I searched Internet but cannot find specific example for RS232 and NodeRed AB micrologix 12.

Please Guide.

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