Configuring default compiler settings in Eclipse IDE for C/C++

I am very new to Eclipse and I am currently running Eclipse 2022-03 with CDT 10.6.1 installed. I’ve been trying to setup the default C/C++ compiler flags for all projects but I do not understand how to.

I do know that configuring the compiler settings per project is possible through Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Tool Settings Tab in which many settings can be configured.

My question is, instead of doing it manually one by one for each new project, is it possible to configure the default compiler settings for all new C/C++ Managed Build projects?

I have tried adding the compiler flags in Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Build -> Settings -> Discovery Tab and editing the command to get compiler specs but it seems to do nothing.

As I side note, I create my projects using New -> C/C++ Project and choosing either the C or C++ Managed Build Template.

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