conda – How to get jupyter notebook to use the virtual environment that I am launching the notebook from?

So I have a number of conda env’s on my machine, and when I launch jupyter notebook on any of them (except one), and I create a new file in jupyter notebook, I see one option called Python 3 (ipykernal), and I know through some checking that it is using the conda environment from which I am launching the notebook.

But then there is this one conda environment where when I launch jupyter notebook, and create a new file, I get lots of options to connect to different virtual environments, like this: Python [conda env:airflow] or Python [conda env: dd_service], where airflow and dd_service are some of the virtual envs I have on my machine.

I am trying to get this conda environment to do what all others are doing: when I launch my notebook from this conda environment, I want the notebook to use this environment from which I am launching it from. Any ideas how this can be done?

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