Common CONDA commands

1. Existing environment uninstallation :

conda uninstall  Environment name 

2. Import the download image address , Speed up the download . Configure domestic sources :

conda config --add channels
conda config --add channels

Real source address :

conda config --set show_channel_urls yes

3. Create a new environment

conda create -n  Environment name  python= Version number 
conda create -n tf1 python=3.6.9

4. Do not want to use domestic sources , You can switch back to the default source :

conda config --remove-key channels

5. View the current versions of tensorflow Can install :

conda search --full-name tensorflow

6. View the current versions of python Can install :

conda search --full-name python

7. Switching environment

conda activate  Environment name 

8. View created environments

conda env list

9. Out of the environment

deactivate  Environment name 

10. Delete environment

conda env remove -n  Environment name 

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