Comments on dt 3.8 and thanks – #4 by priort – darktable

Rather late to the party, I’ve recently built dt Dev after upgrading Ubuntu to the current long-term-supported 20.04. Before that I last built dt in October.
dt is looking good to me, my thanks to all those involved in developing this fine software.
I like that XMPs are not produced until you actually edit (subject to preferences of course). This saves on clutter.
It’s nice to see that selected files are deleted in lighttable filemanager rather than where the mouse might be hovering, phew!
Prompting for module names on second and subsequent instances is a good idea, I like that.
Very noticeable and welcome for me is the general speed up. I have no GPU and some ops, especially diffuse/sharpen of course, were quite slow for me. They are now very practical to use I feel. Having said that, I updated my Bios at the same time as the other changes, and the notes for that mentioned some performance improvements.
I also like the demosaic sharpening in diffuse/sharpen. I’ve put this in my default style just below input profile as recommended. I wondered if this would apply properly, with the demosaic instance switched on and the “main” one off, however it seems fine, result.
So thanks again.

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