Chrome – Tunnel WebRTC UDP traffic through proxy

A user’s IP address is typically leaked by WebRTC, even when using a proxy. This is a big deal for security, but not why I’m interested. Some sites, like, create video chats based off WebRTC. Unfortunately, they’re acting in bad faith, using WebRTC to detect your real IP address outside of the VPN tunnel and then blocking users with proxied connections by comparing your leaked, real IP with the fake one supplied by regular HTTP requests.

My question is, in Chrome, is it possible to spoof the IP address that WebRTC “discovers”, either through browser modifications or injectable javascript?

My goal is NOT to disable WebRTC but to modify the IP that it discovers to match what the proxy gives the remote server.

Example test site:

I see in Chrome that there are a number of options for internal settings:


…but nothing for proxying that UDP traffic. Any help would be appreciated!

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