Check HTTP cookie value with nginx using map directive – Server Fault

I need to perform a redirect depending on the client’s IP and the value that has been set in the cookie by WPML WordPress plugin.

I prefer to use the map directive for this purpose.
Excerpt of nginx.conf

 geoip_country /usr/local/share/GeoIP/maxmind_countries.dat;
 geoip_city   /usr/local/share/GeoIP/maxmind_cities.dat;

map $host:$geoip_country_code:$cookie_wp-wpml_current_language  $redirect {
   "''" "1";
   "'uk'" "0";
   "'ru'" "1";

Then in domain.conf I just check use $redirect in conditional statement

if ($redirect) {
    return 301;

So, my question is: how to check the value of a cookie the right way in general, and how to check if cookie is not set (has empty value) in particular using map directive for nginx?

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