“Check for updates” versioning – RStudio IDE

I am considering trying Quarto which I downloaded and installed. Since Quarto did not show up in the New Project dialog options, I thought I should make sure my Rstudio version was the most recent. So Using Help>Check for Updates tells me : “You’re using the newest version of RStudio.”. (I since realized that I needed to reboot Rstudio and Now I see Quarto)

But my version is 2022.02.3 Build 492 and the current version at the download website is RStudio Desktop 2022.07.0+548. Since I’m a new user of this discussion forum I searched and found a closed question that said that this could happen when I had the most recent version for my OS setup. Except I can see a .deb file for my Linux 18.04 box sitting there on there on download web-page: download1.rstudio.org/desktop/bionic/amd64/rstudio-2022.07.0-548-amd64.deb

What gives? Am I not understanding the difference between Rstudio Desktop” and Rstudio IDE”. (I doubt there a difference, but as I said … new user?)

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