Can’t “Send To” Thingiverse from

Anyone else seeing this issue? Anyone know a solution?

While editing a part on (this part, to be specific), I click the “Send To” button in the top-right –> click Thingiverse –> I see this screen: enter image description here

I then click on “Authorize”. I’m already signed into Thingiverse, so I click “AGREE & AUTHORIZE APP” –> and I get this error window:

enter image description here

It states:

There was a problem authenticating you with Thingiverse

Close this window and return to Tinkercad.

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Anyone know what could be the issue? I’ve tried in Google Chrome, on Firefox, in Chrome with incognito mode, and even with a 2nd pair of separate TinkerCad and Thingiverse accounts! I get the same result each and every time.

Note: I used the Google sign-in for the Thingiverse account. Maybe I need to use the independent account login?

Side note: this question is on-topic:

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