c++ – How can I create a static fftw library for a Matlab Mex file?

I have a mex function that I’m compiling using the MinGW version of the mex command where I’d like to use fourier transforms. I’d like to use a static version of the fftw library on windows, however, I’m struggling to find resources explaining how I can generate this library without figuring out entirely new tools. I’m using Matlab 2020b and/or Matlab 2021b. I’ve found several stack overflow posts discussing how to compile using cmake, VScode, Visual Studio, etc, but I’d like to avoid having to go down those rabbit holes (if possible!).

Also, I can only find a copy of the .dll file in Matlab’s program files directory. I know Matlab uses fftw for their fft implementation, does it not have a static library that I could link to?

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