c++ – Build WebRTC on Linux using host libc++

When attempting to build WebRTC on Linux it has a ton of undefined symbols in both the static and even the shared build. These include basic_string things in the std::__Cr namespace (I guess that is Googles custom libc++?), SSL functions, protobuf stuff, and things like dbus, free among other things.

Configuring it with use_custom_libcxx=false in the gn args it will simply fail to compile due to some emplace function missing in optional.

The host system has an up to date libc++ and clang toolchain installed and available, which is fully aware of said function, however I have not found a way to make the webRTC build aware of it and use that instead.

Preferably I want a static build of libwebrtc, that uses the host libc++ and is compatible with the rest of the code (which uses the host libc++) that will ultimately link libwebrtc.

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