build – The unique trouble with ninja during building chromium. (ninja: error: lexing error)

I compile chromium from source code. I use a command gn args out/mybuild, the result is

Generating files...
Done. Made 18307 targets from 3100 files in 4850ms

Next step is autoninja -C out/mybuild chrome. Output is

ninja: Entering directory `out/mybuild'
ninja: error: lexing error

I open the file with the error:

307 rule __base_build_date___build_toolchain_linux_clang_x64__rule
308   command = python3 ../../build/ gen/base/generated_build_date.h 1666540117\
309 \^[\[\?1034h
310   description = ACTION //base:build_date(//build/toolchain/linux:clang_x64)

308 and 309 lines are split. There are a lot of strings to be split like previous two. What type of formatting should I use? Or is there other reason?

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