Bugs : ubiquity package : Ubuntu

I actually had a very interesting evening installing ubuntu 22.04.

For reasons (VM that used LVM as a raw disk) I had 2 EFI partitions on my machine – one in LVM, another on disk.

While Ubuntu managed to identify that I actually want to install bootloader on disk, it still tried to mount second EFI partition (even though in advanced mode of an installer I explicitly said not to used it) and then failed.

If installation fails, it suggested that I can “go back” or “continue”.

If I click continue – it hangs on “Removing conflicting operating system files” or something like that.

If I click “Go back” – it hangs on a Ad screen about 1/2 of the time (no ongoing operations, but it doesn’t actually send me back). For the second half of the time – it goes back, but installer hangs on partitioning (doesn’t allow to scroll and stops reacting on any button presses).

The only solution for the problem was to temporary change partition type to be something else.

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