[BPI-R3] PPPoE + VLAN slow performance with OpenWRT – Banana Pi BPI-R2/BPI-R64/BPI-R3/BPI-R3 Mini

I did some tests with my FTTH 2.5Gpbs/0.5Gbps internet connection using PPPoE + VLAN with OpenWRT snapshot.

Both using an external ONT and the mini ONT MA5671A I can not go beyond 750-800Mbit in download (full bandwidth in upload). With an Asus router or the ISP ONU I go to full bandwidth (950Mbps with 1Gb ethernet clients).

Are there any performance issues or hardware offloading problem on the PBI-R3 using PPPoE and VLANs?
Does anyone use PPoE with VLAN and have done speed tests at 1Gbps and beyond?

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