boot – nvme device not ready aborting installation Busybox/Initramfs error when booting Ubuntu

In my computer, i first installed Windows 11. And then Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop.

The problem is, most of the time when i try to boot Ubuntu, i get the nvme device not ready, aborting installation error. And then it drops to BusyBox/initramfs. Sometimes when i wait about 20 seconds in the GRUB boot screen, Ubuntu opens up, sometimes (and most times) it doesn’t.

Here’s the picture of the error;
picture of the error

I did some Google’ing but all the related conversations are at least 7 years old and most of them require me to change stuff in BIOS which i’m hesitant to. And since sometimes Ubuntu just boots sucessfully, i’m not sure if i need to do that.

Thank you

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