boot – EFI Partition is missing after installing windows

I have windows and Ubuntu installed on my SSD, I did fresh install of windows from iso again on top of previous windows partition. Now it removed the grub boot loader and directly booting into windows.

I have hard disk in place of CD drive which had windows and Ubuntu with grub bootloader so I used that to boot, but it was displaying grub command line so after some following some steps online I successfully booted into Ubuntu OS in my SSD through that command line.

Now I can’t do grub-install it’s showing this error grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory. I tried searching online but all are referring to EFI partition on the disk but I can’t any such partition this is how my disk looks in GParted.
GParted image

I don’t want to fix the Hard disk bootloader and use it was boot device to load into SSD Ubuntu.
Please tell me how to fix my SSD bootloader.

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